Heavy Duty PE Sandbags, Blue (Polyethylene), 10,000ct - Sandbags

Heavy Duty PE Sandbags, Blue (Polyethylene), 10,000ct


Product Details

These bags are constructed of high-density tubular polyethylene mesh material. This long-lasting beast of a bag is perfect for traffic control and the construction industry. The tough construction allows for heavy use and gives this bag the greatest durability of any poly sandbag made. It is perfect as a weight bag or ballast.
Each heavy-duty sandbag can hold up to fifty pounds of sand or stone, and boy do these stand up to impact. Once sealed the bag can be moved, stored, and even run over without worry of breakage. This bag is Ideal for the traffic control industry and anyone who demands quality.

  • 14”x26” size
  • Long-Lasting Bag
  • Multiple colors available: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, White and Tan
All bags are empty. For pre-filled bags please contact us.