Sandbags For Pipeline Construction - Sandbags

Sandbags For Pipeline Construction

Sandbags For Pipeline Construction

Our filled sandbags are widely used as benches, trench breakers, padding and bedding during pipeline construction. During construction a pipeline can use up to 15,000 filled sandbags per mile for leveling and stabilizing the pipe prior to backfilling the trench.

Lowest Price in the Country

We have invested millions of dollars researching the best, fastest and most efficient way to fill and deliver sandbags to your spread. We can produce filled sandbags at the rate of 2200 per hour (20X the rate of manual filling) which keeps the labor and equipment costs lower for you.

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Delivered within 48 hours

Our state-of-the-art filling factories (The Super40 and Super50) are mobile. Meaning we simply position them around the country and fill sandbags on-site that can be quickly delivered to you.

We have a supply of pre-filled sandbags at various locations and can have them on a truck delivered to you within 48 hours.

Our sandbags are the safest pre-filled sandbags available.

The Sandbags Difference

We guarantee all our Sandbags 100%. We believe in our product and will stand by it:

Our bags are high quality and custom made. By sewing our bags at both ends they make for easier transportation and stacking, no more sausage-shaped bags. Our patented automatic filling process ensures a consistent bag every time.

Thanks guys! I was doubtful that anyone could produce the number of bags we needed in such a short time. Your professional crew came out and actually finished the job early!

Chris H.