About Us - Sandbags

Who We Are

We at SANDBAGS On-Site On-Demand™ show that we CARE, by putting the needs of our…

  • Customer first, because we always have a positive and helpful…
  • Attitude, and by treating everyone and everything with the utmost…
  • Respect by utilizing our self-imposed code of ethics and along the way, we…
  • Enjoy life in the process.

Mission Statement

The Company’s mission is to provide an immediate, effective and sustainable solution to the production of filled sandbags. SANDBAGS On-Site On-Demand™ has implemented patented and proprietary technology with an emphasis on efficiency, reliability, repeatability, responsive service and sustainable quality.

Vision Statement

Through their diverse areas of experience, expertise, and knowledge, the SANDBAGS On-Site On-Demand™ Team will build a global business whose foundation will be built on hard work, honesty, long-standing relationships and integrity within our organization and responsive service to our customers.


Each foreperson is First Aid certified and each employee is regularly trained on proper safety procedures. SANDBAGS On-Site On-Demand™ is committed to providing ongoing training for each employee along with the protective equipment needed to reduce the risks associated with their jobs.

The Environment

At SANDBAGS On-Site On-Demand™, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Usage of environmentally-friendly alternatives for sandbag materials
  • Usage of low-emission fuels such as biodiesel and other green fuel products
  • No-idle policy for all SANDBAGS On-Site On-Demand™ equipment
  • GPS-tracking and monitored live video capability
  • Reduction in paper usage through e-mail quoting and invoicing

The Filled Sandbag Solution

Simply put, our business is Sandbags! It’s what we do, what we know. We live, breathe, and dream sandbags! This passion has allowed us to come up with the most efficient ways to deliver you filled on-site and pre-filled sandbags for a lower cost than anyone else, guaranteed.

We stockpile pre-filled sandbags at strategic locations around the country. We can ship pre-filled bags and have them on site when you need them. Or, if desired, we can bring our mobile filling machines (The Super40 and Super50) to your site and fill on-demand! Each Mobile Sandbag Factory can be deployed to anywhere in the US for the high speed filling of quality sandbags. Bags can be filled on-site or filled and delivered – contact us for more information.

SANDBAGS On-Site On-Demand™ is poised to become the industry leader in the manufacturing and filling of high-quality sandbags for the construction industry, pipeline development, and disaster response. The Company has its corporate offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, a research, engineering and manufacturing facility in Carlsbad, California and several bag filling centers throughout the US. Contact Us for more information or Request A Quote for your sandbag solution today!